4-17-2022 Clear Progress

This week we have had good progress. First the exterior framing for the outside is getting complete, including framing for the windows and doors. Most of the windows were installed and sealed. Wainscoting was applied on two sides along with window trim. In addition, we heard from NV Energy that the final work to place a transformer, pull wire to the house and install a meter will be done in a week, and then we will have power.

We chose some engineered stone for the front wainscot and columns (16 in total) and are finding supply issues. We could have gotten the stone we chose in a few days from one supplier but would have meant a $7,000 premium. We chose another supplier and product (pictured loose on the right) and saved the $7,000 but we will wait two months or more for it. It is not critical path, so we chose the latter. 

Wainscot and Windows, Apr 2022
Wainscot and Windows
Storm Front, Apr 2022
Storm Front
Engineered Stone Samples, Apr 2022
Engineered Stone Samples

Storms swept through the area starting Friday and slowed progress a little, plus the guys left early for Good Friday. When the winds kick up, they can't be handling the sheet metal nor when it is wet and raining. 


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