4-09-2022 Well Framed

The crew from Clint Jensen Construction have done an outstanding job of not only erecting the steel structure, but also in framing out our window and door openings. We have had to adjust several window opening to accomodate the web trusses, chord bracing, and wind rod bracing. Take note that in a hybrid steel structure such as this, these components are part of the engineering of the structure for wind and earthquake shear and cannot be removed or modified. We had to move one window in the front  from the wind rod bracing section and several were moved to alternate locations due to interference from the chord bracing and trusses. Also the top floor windows were a challenge to fit in due to the need to have them up six inches off the patio roof. 

Framing Doors and Windows, Apr 2022
Framing Doors and Windows
Bracing, Apr 2022
Windows, Apr 2022


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