3-26-2022 Lots of Progress - Electrical to Street, and Roof Assembly

There was a week of no activity after the last post, then it got active. NV Energy came out for the Pre-con meeting with our GC and approved construction. Our GC immediately began trenching for the three inch conduit and two one inch conduits to the street for power, phone and cable (neither of which have service in our area). At the same time, our metal building crew began staging the metal trusses for assembly, and Maddog and I retrieved all the hardware from our storage unit. While the ditch crew began their dig to 5.5-6 feet down (the conduit needs to be below 5 feet from the surface) the metal crew began assembling the roof trusses and wood purlins for every other truss (see photo). The plan is to use a crane a spreader to lift the entire roof truss assembly onto the column trusses and adding the shear rods so that the erected assembly will be stable. The winds can really blow here to 40 mph or more and we're expecting a quick storm to come through on Monday.

Meanwhile a new visitor and baby came to visit last night. This is the first time we've seen deer here. 


Electrical trench and roof trusses, Mar 2022
Electrical trench and roof trusses
BarndoCam 3-26-2022, 7-45-01 AM.jpg, Mar 2022

roof truss assembly 2.jpg, Mar 2022



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