We installed two cameras on the bluff last weekend. The first is a purpose built time-lapse camera that cannot be monitored remotely. It's desgined to be waterproof and take a snapshot at a user defined interval (I chose one minute) and to build a movie automatically out of the images. A set of four lithium AA batteries and a 32 GB SD card gives at least four months of time lapse. The camera is set to stop at night and start again the next day. The camera I chose was the Brinno BCC100 Construction Camera 

The second camera I added was a solar powered PT camera model Go PT made by Reolink. It features a 32 GB SD Card for time lapse and event recording, movement detection as well as an LTE SIM slot. As you will see in a subsequent post, the images are pretty good. I'm real happy with this unit and chose this over the more expensive brother the Go PT Plus to save some money. 

As you can see, the cameras are mounted on a 4x4 post strapped onto the well casing with superstrut. While not totally theft proof, it should deter dirtbags enough to slow them down while I'm being alerted to the motion. 

BardoCams 20211107_120936.jpg, Nov 2021
BardoCams Closeup 20211107_120936.jpg, Nov 2021



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