8-06-2023 Floor is Done, Framing has begun

Our sealed floor is performing very well. It is so non-pourous and sealed that the crew used three colors of chalk. First yellow, then green, and finally red. The green just powerderd on the floor leaving no line at all. I had drilled into the GC to not use red on the concrete so he was surprised and concerned when his framers used red chalk. No worries, however, as even the red barely worked on the floor. A simple wipe removes the red chalk. I would recommend to any barndo builder that wants bare polished concrete to use the Hiperguard as the final sealer. It is designed for industrial and commercial concrete flooring. 

You can see the floor layout chalk marks in the photo. Also shown is the master bedroom framing. 

Chalk Lines.jpg, Aug 2022
Floor Layout.jpg, Aug 2022
Master Bedroom Framing.jpg, Aug 2022


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