07-23-2022 It's a Grind - Concrete Floor Finishing

After all of the insulation was sprayed in, we started with the concrete floor, and that will be our final finished floor. After gettng some ideas from Wharton Hardware and Supply we rented the biggest grinder that we could. Since it is a three phase tool, we needed to rent a 70KW generator also. The crew from K&C Contruction began work as soon as the equipment arrived. They first did a metal grind at 20 grit, then 50, then 100. Next they applied a "grout sealant" to reduce the porosity of the concrete. Next, they did another grind on the grout sealant. After this, they used a concrete desnsifier that further reduces porosity of the concrete and adds considerable hardness and resilience. It also preps the surface for the next phase which is to resin grind to start to get luster. We're not yet sure if we want to go to 200 or 400 grit as a final polish. We'll see how the 200 turns out. After the polish we will be applying Husqvarna HiperGuardTM. It "is a penetrating guard that can be applied to a concrete surface at the end of the polishing process. It makes the concrete significantly more resistant to fats, oils and water, but still allows the concrete to breathe. It works by lining the capillaries on a concrete surface. This creates significantly more surface tension, which prevents various substances absorbing into the concrete."

The week after the insulation was sprayed in, the interior of the house remains mild despite 100+ degree temperatures outside. I bought a FLIR camera that attaches to my phone and took some baseline pictures to get a feel for how well the insulation was installed. You can see the outside surface is 109 degrees while the corresponding inside surface is 89 degrees -- 20 degrees cooler!


Generator.jpg, Jul 2022
Densifier.jpg, Jul 2022
Grind and Hardened.jpg, Jul 2022
FLIR Outside.jpg, Jul 2022
FLIR Inside.jpg, Jul 2022


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