05-01-2022 Exterior Finish

One thing to consider with chosing a metal building over a conventional build is the benefits of this type of construction. Obviously, the esthetic is different but that is a personal choice. Here in Northern Nevada there are many steel buildings and as you can see by the photos, the finish can blend with the surroundings quite well. I want to detail some of the advantages and disadvantages of this construction style:

  1. Fire resistance. Out here in the country, having a fire resistant structure is a real plus. While I don't expect the level of fires that the forests of the Sierra Nevadas can have, having steel facing on all sides and roof gives peace of mind.
  2. Maintenance Free. Our GC mentioned this when he was talking about the construction and resontated as true. The paint is warrentied for 30 years even in the harsh Nevada high altitude sun. The structure itself is warrentied for 50 years. 
  3. Earthquake and wind resistant. The design is good for in excess of 115 mph wind and constructed for this earthquake zone. 
  4. Tight weatherproof structure. After the closed cell foam insulation is in, there are few penetrations in the structure that aren't very well sealed. I anticipate a very tight home from the blower door test that is a code requirement. 
  5. Alternate construction techniques. In the end we are basically building a home inside a building due to code requirements. Since the web trusses are not necessarily sightly and the chord bracing is difficult to sheetrock we chose to frame inside the trusses. This adds cost, and decreases interior space. 
Front Side Metal, May 2022
Front Side Metal
Back Side Metal, May 2022
Back Side Metal
Front Window View, May 2022
Front Window View


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