04-24-2022 Panel Installation

This week construction slowed a bit the winds kicked up preventing safe panel installation. We also had some items to discuss with Worldwide Steel, the building supplier. Incidently, they are a real pleasure to work with and are always very responsive. So the concerns and answers are below.

  1. Q: Do the side panels require a "stich screw" to hold the edges down? A: No, these panels are designed to not require stich screws as the panels lock together quite well.
  2. Q: Do the roof panels require mastic to prevent water infiltration at the edges? A: No, the roof panels are on a 5:12 pitch which does not require the mastic. The 2:12 pitch panels are on the patio covers and are continuous in length. 
  3. Q: The garage door jams are damaged in shipment. Can they be replaced? A: New ones are on the way (timing TBD)
  4. Q: Are the windows water proof as installed? It looks like water can get behind the panels. A: Yes they are water proof, The J trim prevents water instrusion. In addition, all panels and windows will be sealed with closed cell foam insulation. 

Our electrical service gets pulled and hooked up Monday, and that is a major milestone. Now all the trades can use that instead of the noisy and costly generator. Yay!

Girt and Purlin Detail.jpg, Apr 2022
Panels Installation.jpg, Apr 2022
Window Detail.jpg, Apr 2022



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