Well, it works. So does Maddog.

Well First Use IMG_0649.jpg, Nov 2021

We got to the site today and were surprised to see a few new things. First, a vibratory sheepsfoot roller was being offloaded. That will be used for compacting the downslope fill. It looked brand new and also had a blade on the front. Maybe I can drive it. The other thing that was a pleasant surprise was the first use of the well pump. I had wired it up so our GC (more on him and his company later) could use the water to fill the tank they use to spray down the cut material to aid in compaction and settlement. 





It was nice to see so much excavation progress being made. Our crew said that they would be cutting around 8 feet below the topsoil upslope and moving that downslope. They took a reading at the exact center of the house location and used a laser rotary level to run all the excavation measurements relative to that center reading. This allows for a level pad to be built relative to the house center. In the video you can see how they are progressing on the pad. You may also see "Maddog" sneaking up on the crew to be sure she understands what is happening. I think Maddog is going to take the crew some local lunch favorites tomorrow. 

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