Monday, March 20 2023

3-20-2023 Final Certificate of Occupancy and RV Move

We got the CO last week, and moved the RV up here on Sunday. The PODs will arrive this week and we'll get them unloaded. 

Here's a link to the time lapse video of the kitchen and floors getting finished. 

RV Final Parking Spot.jpg, Mar 2023


Tuesday, March 14 2023

3-14-2023 Floor Reveal, Nailed the Pex, Blower Door Test, Propane Tank

The Ram Board that has been protecting our floor over the past several months is being pulled up to reveal our finished conctrete floors. It's good to get rid of the dust and debris from all the drywall and construction work. The only remaining job to do before final inspection is to get our master shower floor grouted. 

Saturday we hooked up our wash machine and tested it. During this we noticed water coming out under the trim in the laundry room. After our GC opened several holes we discovered that a nail had penetrated the hot water supply. It losened when we ran the hot water for the washer. 

On a very positive note, we passed the blower door test. The technician said this is the tightest house he's ever tested in Nevada. The results were 1.39 ACH50 where a passing house is less than 5.0 ACH50.

The propane tank was delivered, installed and filled this week. 

Swiss Cheese Wall.jpg, Mar 2023
Pex Hole.jpg, Mar 2023
Floor Reveal.jpg, Mar 2023
Blower Door.jpg, Mar 2023
Propane Tank.jpg, Mar 2023


Sunday, March 5 2023

3-05-2023 Getting close: Plumbing, Electrical, Pellet Stove, Cabinets, Granite, Backsplash

A lot has happened since the last post. Last week saw final plumbing, and electrical being put in. Toilets placed, switches and outlets in as well as all lighting fixtures. Also we had the microwave drawer, range and refrigerator put in. We think this week we can get a certificate of occupancy by week end. 

Kitchen.jpg, Mar 2023
Heat Pump Water Heater.jpg, Mar 2023
Pellet Stove.jpg, Mar 2023


Sunday, February 19 2023

2-19-2023 Stairs, Railing, Driveway

Last week the floating stairs and railing were partially installed. There is a bit more left to do. And the ground dried out enough that the crew was able to build the driveway and fire turnaround. The drive is constructed of road base, that will compact down to a firm surface free from mud. 

Stairs and Rails, Feb 2023
Stairs and Rails
Driveway, Feb 2023
Turnaround, Feb 2023

Sunday, February 5 2023

2-05-2023 Masonry Done, Cabinets In, Painting Done

It was a banner week. The cabinets were mostly installed, the painting is 98% complete (touch up needed in the future) and the masonry was completed. All of these milestones give us a feeling that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Most of the HVAC mini-split head units are installed. Next up, kitchen and bath tile, and granite counter tops. 

Masonry Done, Feb 2023
Masonry Done
Kitchen Cabinets, Feb 2023
Kitchen Cabinets


Sunday, January 29 2023

1-20-2023 Paint And Masonry

The interior painting is nearly done. The doors need to be painted and there are touch up areas. We love the colors we picked: the trim and ceiling is Swiss Coffee, while the walls are Drift of Mist. Drift of mist is interesting in that depending on the light and the room can look light gray, or slghtly beige, and even sometimes a hint of sage, The contrast of the walls and ceiling are very nice.

The masonry is about 75% complete. We really like how it is turning out also. 

Wainscoting, Jan 2023
Bedroom Three Paint Job, Jan 2023
Bedroom Three Paint Job
Drift of Mist, Jan 2023
Drift of Mist


Sunday, January 15 2023

1-15-2023 Slow Go In the Snow - Water Softener and Paint Prep

The water softener was installed early in the week. We wanted it in before any fixtures and appliances get installed. Since we have high iron, manganese, and hardness we opted for a "green sand" filter for the iron and manganese and a conventional salt softener for the hardness. 

The paint prep has been ongoing this week with all of the trim getting puitty and sanded, and the front two rooms are mostly prepped for paint. First the primer coat goes on then the ceiling and walls. 

The snow has delayed progress on the outside for now. 

Water Softener, Jan 2023
Water Softener
Paint.jpg, Jan 2023


Monday, January 2 2023

1-2-2023 Well, Water, Snow

We were surprised that this last week our well was finally hooked up to the house and to the corresponding well pump controller. The pump is a variable speed (variable frequency drive or VFD) that keeps the water pressure a near-constant 60 psi. 

In addition to the interior doors being installed and most of the trim, shelves were installed that covers up the last of the steel frame - chord bracing. 

This week we had a large storm blow through dropping two inches of rain and 7 inches of snow in a 48 hour period. 

Dayton Valley Snow, Jan 2023
Dayton Valley Snow


Snow Roof, Jan 2023
Snow Roof
Well Controller, Jan 2023
Well Controller
Well Controller Closeup, Jan 2023
Well Controller Closeup
Shelves, Jan 2023


Monday, December 26 2022

12-26-2022 Interior Doors, Trim

All of our interior doors are installed, and the door and baseboard trim is being installed. We're hoping that painting can begin later this week. 

Inside Door, Dec 2022
Inside Door


Monday, December 19 2022

12-19-2022 Texture Done, Paint Chosen

All the interior wall texture has been completed letting us move on to the next phase: Doors, Trim and Paint! We chose the paint we're going to use (more on that later). The front porch and soffit are almost all complete, just waiting on the masonry to be applied. The remainder of the stairs and rail shipment were received this week completing the order, ready for installation after paint. 

Full Front Porch, Dec 2022
Full Front Porch
Texture, Dec 2022


Sunday, December 11 2022

12-11-2022 Drywall Tape, Mud, Texture. Front Patio. Stairs.

This week the drywall was completed and the mud and taping was completed. Starting yesterday, the guys started the wall texture. We picked an "Old World" texture which features some voids for character with smooth walls. These guys are amazing and super hard workers. Saturday they put in 13 hours from 5:30AM to 6:30 PM. Meanwhile, the front patio soffit is getting completed and should be done this week. This allowed our carpenters to star wrapping the columns for subsequent masonary application -- the engineered stone was purchased several months ago. Finally, part of our stairs and railing arrived. We are missing three skids containing the remainder of the treads, landing, and railing posts. More on this later.

Old World Texture, Dec 2022
Old World Texture
Front Patio, Dec 2022
Front Patio
Stair Tread, Dec 2022
Stair Tread
Front Soffit, Dec 2022
Front Soffit


Saturday, November 26 2022

11-26-2022 Interior Time Lapse - Framing, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Insulation, Drywall

Time lapse of the last couple of months of interior work. Click on this photo to view the video:

Drywall, Nov 2022


Drywall Ceiling, Nov 2022
Drywall Ceiling


Sunday, November 20 2022

11-20-2022 Drywall!

We have finally reached the point where the drywall installation is beginning. We passed the shear wall inspection and immediately loaded in the drywall and our drywall installer began on Saturday. What a wonderful milestone. Meanwhile after receiving the water test results from the well water sample, we settled on a local water treatment supplier for an iron and softener treatment system. We've also settled on the remaining fans we are installing in the great room and upstairs -- we already have all the bedroom fans. More on that later. 

Drywall Great Room., Nov 2022
Drywall Great Room.
More Drywall, Nov 2022
More Drywall


Monday, November 14 2022

11-14-2022 Drywall Prep

We have had our insulation inspection and are ready to move on to drywall installation. In preparation for that, we installed nearly 5,000 square feet of Ram Board throughout the entire downstairs concrete floor. We spent the entire weekend installing the Ram Board, but it was nice being up there after a light snow storm passed by. Incidently, I placed a min-max thermometer inside, and even though the night temperatures are in the low 20's, the interior hasn't yet gotten below 51 degrees.

Snow on the Barndo, Nov 2022
Snow on the Barndo
Ram Board Interior, Nov 2022
Ram Board Interior
Ram Board Garage, Nov 2022
Ram Board Garage
Thermometer, Nov 2022



Tuesday, November 8 2022

11-08-2022 Lights, Inspection, Insulation

These last couple of weeks saw some accelerated progress. As the electrical rough in wiring was finishing up, we installed twelve high intensity 6000K color high bay LED lights in the garage/shop. These exceeded expectations and also are now dimmable. I was concerned that for normal use, the lighting would be too intense, so we installed wiring that added a 0-10v dimming control circuit. Our electrical contractor was ignorant of this control circuit, but they eventually figured it out. 

We added more garage door controls, and heated up several outlets throughout the house to aid in interior construction. 

And...we passed our interior framing inspection including plumbing and electrical rough in. It was a great milestone on the way to completion. 

Finally, today began interior insulation. A lot of progress in a couple of days. We're into the home stretch with drywall and finishing cabinets/carpentry/counters. 

Garage Lights, Nov 2022
Garage Lights
Instulation.jpg, Nov 2022


Saturday, October 29 2022

10-20-2022 Driveway Pad and More Electrical

This week the driveway pad was poured, In addition, walkways were added to connect the pad to the front and back patios. Electrical rough-in is nearly complete with the sub-panel being installed, and power from the main to the sub-panel. Additionally, the wider garage door opener and springs were installed. Next week we anticipate a interior framing inspection then on to final insulation.

Driveway Pads.jpg, Oct 2022
Sub Panel, Oct 2022

Sub Panel

Garage Door Wide, Oct 2022
Garage Door Wide


Saturday, October 15 2022

10-15-2022 Sprinklers, Lighting, Exterior Doors

The past two weeks have seen all the recessed lighting cans installed. That allowed the fire sprinklers to be installed next. Meanwhile, K&C installed two exterior doors including the front door. 

Light Cans and Sprinklers, Oct 2022
Light Cans and Sprinklers
Front Door, Oct 2022
Front Door


Sunday, October 2 2022

10-02-2022 More Plumbing and Garage Door Work

The last weeks have seen most of the plumbing has been topped out. We also had all the vents routed to a single roof penetration that is behind one of the cupolas. There are a few areas of work still. One garage door lifter was installed, making garage access for larger equipment easier. Finally, we had a night visitor trip the camera alarm. 

Septic Vent.jpg, Oct 2022
Garage Door Opener.jpg, Oct 2022


Sunday, September 18 2022

9-18-2022 Plumbing, HVAC, Garage Doors

All three trades were working this week. The HVAC guys had an opening so they started running refrigerant lines for the 9 head duel unit mini-split system we're putting in. The plumbers also started this week and have plumbed the vents to run up and ven out of one of the cupolas. On top of that the garage door guys installed both garage doors. We're hoping this accellerates the completion of the house. 

Garage Doors.jpg, Sep 2022
Plumbing Vents.jpg, Sep 2022
Refrigerant Lines.jpg, Sep 2022


Sunday, September 4 2022

9-04-2022 BOAB Episode 10 - Concrete Polish and Interior Framing Time Lapse Construction Video

Click on the image to play the YouTube video. Concrete details are in a previous post. The interior framing is nearly complete!

Polished Concrete, Sep 2022
Polished Concrete


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